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 The How to Play Guide

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Number of posts : 2933
Age : 26
Registration date : 2006-11-24

Ninja Scroll
Name: Suta
Village: Hidden Leaf
Level: 97

The How to Play Guide Empty
PostSubject: The How to Play Guide   The How to Play Guide EmptyFri Feb 09, 2007 6:43 pm

Here are the rules




1: no swearing or being mean! Unless itís your character, but if someone gets offended you have to stop!

2: no flooding or smiles unless itís a regular chat.

3: make a character if you want to participate in the game! Your character must also be approved before your allowed to play. (Iíll explain how to make a character later in how to build a character.)

4: a short message of the things (OOC means out character, NPC means Non Player Character, and PM means private message)

5: respect other people!

6: You don't talk for people.

7: do not use names from the Naruto anime!

8: Joining a mission is up to the creator and what town you are in, if a mission is only for leaf, a sand citizen can't join it.

9: You can give personal information if you want but do not ask for it.

10: you can only be in one mission/place at a time! Unless otherwise stated.

11: you can not create your own missions but you can create your own training.

12: I am there for your benefit and to answer your questions when you have them! Donít be afraid to ask me or any other Admin or Moderator.


I may add more rules at anytime (not often) so check back every once in a while!

This one is not a rule only a favor: Be decent role-players. Donít put one sentence! Put several! Make it fun for everyone! I donít care about spelling mistakes!


How to build a character!

Remember everyone, your character stats start out at 1.

You only start with 3 Justus, and they are: Transformation jutsu, Clone jutsu, and Substitution jutsu.

You start with NO abilities

Appearance is what your character looks like, not what he/she wears.

Equipment, all you start with is your cloths, 10$ and a kunai, you may specify your clothing.

You do not use create a character for remembering your characters stats and all, only to use so that I or an admin can accept you and edit your Character Sheet, or Ninja Scroll [the same thing].


All of your stats start at 1.

Short history: lived on a farm and became a ninja at the academy... one like that but longer Preferably 2 lines.

Stat building and Jutsu learning

I know alote of you will want to build up your stats from a number as low as 1, so allow me to explain how you do this.

Stat Training:

Every day you receive 2 training points and 5 jutsu points which you may use to raise your stats and learn jutsus or abilities. Training any stat costs 1 training point, until you reach a high enough level. To raise the stat, you must write down 50 words for one point. With a sensei or tutor, you get 2 stat points for 50 words.

Weight System:

As you may know, some players have weights, these things will only work inside training topics. But there is an advantage to it all, less words. Weights remove 5 words. You will only have to write, then, 45 words, instead of 50 with 1 weight. You are no longer able to lower your stat training to less then 25 words, and now the limit of weights is 4, one for each limb.


Level 1 to 50 Stats = 1 training point.
Level 51 to 100 Stats = 2 training points.
Level 101 to 200 Stats = 3 training points.
And so on...

Jutsus are a bit different, they take more points, and more than just 50 words.


D Ranked Jutsus/Abilities = 40 Jutsu Points and 400 words.
C Ranked Jutsus/Abilities = 75 Jutsu Points and 750 words.
B Ranked Jutsus/Abilities = 125 Jutsu Points and 1000 Words.
A Ranked Jutsus/Abilities = 200 Jutsu Points and 2000 Words.
S Ranked Jutsus/Abilities = 300 Jutsu Points and 4000 Words.

These are all calculated at the end of the training post.
Remember! Training may take days so be patient and work hard to earn this power!

Also it would be a burden to make a new post every stat, that would clog up our space. With ONLY one training post, you could make all of your stats. And when you are done raising your stats, you just leave, when you feel your in the mood to continue, just post in the same topic. That will save room. But the only problem is, you need to make at least 50 words with one post, else words it would be ridiculous.

Training also works (if you desire) within all your game related posts, whenever you are role playing count you words and you can train your stats. Weights only apply in the training topic, outside it requires the standard 50 words.

How to make your own items and run a store

To make your own item first you need the nessecary resources. When you have them you must post a topic in your city called; Constructing item. Once this is created you can post what your character does and thinks about when he makes his weapon, also describe how it looks and what you put on it. Post-construction, a village council member should check this. It could be me and most often will be, and tell you if it was constructed. There is no word minimum so no worrying about that, but if you don't describe it perfectly then you might not get what you want!

When you have constructed this item, and want to make several, then post in the same topic the amount you want to make and we will accrodingly multiply the ressouces. If you are runnign a store and might need to get back to making it eavryonce in a while, then post a second message on your shop topic the information about the items.

You may start a shop topic at any time but it is not cheap to do it, you need to buy the ressources to make the items then you need to put a price in your shop. Not simple! Also there is a quantity depending on how many you have. If your store is working well then the kage might ask you to sell a certain product to everyone, you get to keep all the money your shop makes!

On a similar note, you can go out hunting the the outskirts by creating a hunting topic, then saying what monster you want to hunt for. If you can find the monster, it may drop something that can be used to item creation.

Kages Give Missions
On a similar note, the kages of yours respected village are the ones to give out missions, they send them to me in a PM, and I create the mission. The Mission receivers do the same thing, they send me the details of said mission and I will post it, if you notice that there arn't many missions up, send a PM to them.


ALL creatures are domesticatable, beast and human alike. Some restrictions apply.

Wolf: 4/4 5
Health: 250/250
Chakra: None
Status: Normal
Effect: Pack, gains +20 Damage per other Wolf
Domestication: Level 8, Time: 1 Week

And human:

Fat Bandit: 2/2 15
Health: 600/600
Chakra: None
Status: Normal
Effect: Pack, gains +10 Damage per other Bandit
Domestication: Level 1, 30$

Notice Domestication.


If you have all the requirments, then you can domesticate an animal almost instantly, although, if their is a time. like with the wolf [1 week.] then you have to compleate the second of two mini-games.


1: Knocking creature to half health or lower [with out killing it.] [Some restrictions apply, as if already dammage you can skip this part. Or skip to bribe with mercenaries]

2: You must bribe it with something you have, a plaything or food. Depending on what you think it will like you can bring one of those.

3: Guessing the creatures charactiristics, wants, and dream. Succeed two of the three and you get your creature. [This stage is not required, but if you pass this part, your creature will gain 1 level.

[If their is time then you must perform a different game within the time limit, once a week.

1: knock out half of it's health in a friendly, by it's choice, spar.

2: *Convince* it to perform an action in any way. [Rollover, stay.] [Same rules apply, if you pass this part in all of weeks of training, creature gains 1 level.]

Pets Levels: The starting level of any creature you tame is 1. Every level, gained either by it killing an enemy, or by having a 200 Word training post with it that is dedicated to it leveling up. Every time your creature levels up, you can either:
Raise health by: 200
Raise Chakra by: 200
Raise Damage by: 0.2x
Add 1 Jutsu that makes sense

Misc. How to Play Guide Information

Inventory Roleplaying:

A challenge a moderator or admin may ask of players which they can choose to accept or decline, rewarding them with different things.
This will be gaining new items through roleplay with a moderator or admin.
This will also include money. [such as a working in a shop roleplay] Or stat training roleplay. [Such as reading some information in a library.] These must be roleplayed with a moderator or admin, and they have to offer it to you. It will be like a roleplaying bonus. They offer a challenge asking for a certain amount of words, [or similar] and you may decide to accept, or declining, if you declining, you proceed roleplaying with no bonus, if you accept, and fullfull the requirments, you will receive said item.

Character NPCs:

Every character can make 1 NPC that I will control (or they can control in a training). If I control this NPC during a training it will count as somebody else. The format for NPCs you make is the same as a monster as seen in the Monster Encyclopedia inside of the Bord of all things Ninja section. PM Your NPC to me to be approved.

Donít forget to ask questions if you have any. PM me!

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Number of posts : 2933
Age : 26
Registration date : 2006-11-24

Ninja Scroll
Name: Suta
Village: Hidden Leaf
Level: 97

The How to Play Guide Empty
PostSubject: Re: The How to Play Guide   The How to Play Guide EmptyFri Mar 02, 2007 6:17 pm

Fighting Guide

One of the main things of the Narutogame (NG) is the fighting. When a ninja engages in battle, the opponents has NO choice, they have to fight their opponent. The only side is that the challenged or challenger has the right to retreat in the middle of the battle.


A Brief explanation on how every stat works, along with importance in brackets:

Strength: Increases overall damage of all attacks, and Health by a bit. (Very, Very Good to Have)
Stamina: Increases Health, and how long one can fight. (Aboslutely essential)
Speed: Increases how much you can move in battle, and speed. (Important)
Taijutsu: Increases how strong Fists and Weapons are in fighting (Very usefull)
Ninjutsu: Increases how much Chakra you have slightly, and makes Ninjutsu attacks substantially more powerful. (Pretty good to have)
Genjutsu: Increases how much Chakra you have slightly, and makes Genjutsu attacks have a higher succes rate, and also make it so you can escape genjutsu better. (Kinda useless, because of how unpopular Genjutsu is, but might come in handy.)
Chakra: Increases how much Chakra you have significantly. (Pretty darn usefull)

Fighting System:

Your fists and legs are a ninjas greatest weapons. They are quick and easy to use, and deal great damage. Here is how it works.

Chart, Taijutsu:


Head: 75
Neck: 100
Shoulders: 50
Chest: 45
Abs: 40
Upperarm: 30
Elbow: 60
Forearm: 20
Wrists/Hands: 20
Waist: 30
UpperLeg: 40
Knee: 60
LowerLeg: 25
Ankles/Feets: 10
Eyes: 75


Head: 100
Neck: 150
Shoulders: 75
Chest: 65
Abs: 50
Upperarm: 50
Elbow: 80
Forearm: 40
Wrists/Hands: 40
Waist: 50
UpperLeg: 75
Knee: 100
LowerLeg: 40
Ankles/Feets: 20
Eyes: 100

More Damage:
These attacks may seem pretty weak when your just looking at them, in comparison to a high health character. But your stats affect damage points amazingly. One Strength point multiplies damage by 0.1. With 25 Str points, thats 2.5 times more damage. But after that multiplication, you also multiply the number you recieved by your taijutsu, each taijutsu point being worth 0.1 So say you have 20 taijutsu points, thats 2.0. With a punch that does 50 Damage, 25 strength, and 20 Taijutsu. That would make your attack do 250 Damage! The formula is this...

Punch to the Head with 25 Strength, 20 Taijutsu
50 Damage X (2.5 X 2) = 250

But this can work against a low level character

Punch to the Head with 5 Strength, 5 taijutsu.
50 Damage X (0.5 X 0.5) = 12.5(13) Damage

Thus eleminating the bonus damage

Less Damage:
Less damage is inflicted upon a smaller wound, if your attack does, say, 500 damage, and you scratch your opponent, you would do only 250 damage instead.

The Problem with Legs:
Looking at that list, kicking is more efficent, anywhere, so why punch? The problem with kicking is that it takes more energy to do, a standard punch takes 1 EP to do, a kick takes 1.5. so you could do three punches with the energy to do 2 kicks. At first it dosen't seem like much, but after a while it makes more of a difference. For example: Lets say you have 10 EP [Energy Points], then you can decide to do 10 punches, or 6 kicks. If they all hit the head, doing the math: 750 damage with the punches, or 600 damage with the kicks. In this case legs are better only if you plan only to hit them once to prepare another attack.

Nerves and Bleeding:
As an addition, Nerves do X2 Damage. If you are bleeding you take the amount of damage by fist, ex: Head = 50, and multiply that by amount of bleeding: 1:Minor, 3:Moderate, 5:Severe and 10:Mortal. [Note, Mortal bleeding kills you in 5 rounds no matter what.] You would bleed (50 X 10[Mortal] = 500 Health a turn.

Dismemberment and Fractures:
All items or weapons have a Dismember percentage and a Fracture percentage. All items have both, including fists an legs. If you succesfully Dismember or Fracture someone, then the limb you where attacking is either no longer attached to their body, or broken. Blunt objects, like fists have a higher Fracture rate. Sharp objects, like swords, have a higher dismember rate, but can still be used to fracture, say with the blunt part of the sword. It will say the percentenge of Dis or Frac in the store and inventory. Fractured limbs will be broken and unusable, they can be repaired with a visit to the Hot Spring, or during a Roleplay they can be fixed with another attack. Dismemberd limbs are not only unusable, but also cause mortal bleeding. Nerves will also be targeted when a limb is Dismembered. You can only fix dismembermed limbs with a roleplay. And even so, they need to be minor, and the person needs a medical backround. If the neck is Dismembered or Fractured, it is an instant kill. If the abs are Dismembered, it is an instant kill. Hidans are not affected by instant kills. Restrictions apply to certain bloodlines, such as the Kaguya can still use Fractured limbs, including necks, and the Hidans can still use dismembered limbs, including heads.
Fists have a 0.5 percent dismember, and a 1 percent Fracture by increments of 50 damage. Standard Blunt Weapons have 5% Fracture if not specified. Standard Sharp Weapons have 5% Dismember if not specified.

Taijutsu Techniques:
Taijutsu techniques that envolve items such as Kunai or exploding tags, have a slight advantage. Let`s say some one has a jutsu were they spin in the air at an inhuman rank and 100 kunai are thrown in every direction with deadly accuracy, (B ranked jutsu). The advantage of having it a taijutsu technique instead of just, doing it; Is that it takes only half the number of weapons to use it. So Gorrila has a jutsu that throws 6 dragon windmills. But since it`s a technique, it only takes him 3 dragon windmills.

Sword or Shuriken:
A weapon is a ninja's favorite tool for killing your opponents efficently. Weapons add a lot of damage to standard attacks, how? They work excactly like punching, and add damage to that, if a sword does 100 damage, and you attack your head for 75 punching damage, it would do 175 damage. And then you calculate how much it just did. Adding to this, when throwing a weapon, it takes 2 EP points, one to draw the weapons, and the other to throw it. When using a sword, it takes 2 EP as well, one to wield the sword, and the other to attack.

Blocking Attacks:
Obviously blocking attacks won't reduce the damage to nothing, but at the cost of only 1 EP, it will direct the attack to another limb, so instead of the head being targeted, you could get your arms hit, as well, blocking will reduce damage by half.

Blocking Weapons and Blocking With Weapons:
When you block with a weapon, it takes 2 EP because manning the weapon takes an additional EP. But all damage is converted towards the weapon, so no harm comes to the player. When you block a weapon like a sword with your arms, the damage is not halved, but simply displaced towards another limb. So it still hurts a lot.

Dodgeing Attacks:
This one is simple, using 2 EP you dodge an attack, unless stated otherwise. When wielding a heavy object, like a giant sword or tree stump, you must use 3 EP to dodge attacks, so it may just be better to block with the weapon.

Countering Attacks:
This one is simple, using 3 EP you stop the enemy entirely at no damage to yourself, in addition, your next attack will deal 2x damage. This is handy if you have EP to spare. It takes, yet again, 4 EP to counter with a sword or other weapon.

Lack of Energy Points(EP):
When you run out of EP, you lose 1 Stamina point, and each time you use 5 EP, you lose another EP this will stack overtime, so useing 3 EP on one turn, then 2 on the next, will make you lose 1 Stamina point. If you have a jutsu that uses 3 EP, and you only have 2 left, you will not be able to use this jutsu, unless you dive into your stamina for extra energy (explained elsewhere).

Ninjutsu & Genjutsu

Jutsus depend completly on the users (Fireball = Ninjutsu) Type of jutsu, Nin, Gen, Tai, Blood. Also the timing and distance.

Another thing I need to add here is that, skills that involve projectiles, are taijutsu, UNLESS they are things such as water spikes, which are ninjutsu.

Ninjutsu are attacks that occure in the world, affecting a persons body or yourself.
Genjutsu attacks are used on a persons mind, affecting what they see or hear to stun or damage them in some way on a mental level, causing no damage phisically to a person, but still able to kill.
Taijutsu (I know this isn't the place, but this is a definition) attacks are phisical attacks caused on the body that require physical training to be able to utilize. Basically anything that isn't Ninjutsu, but affects on a physical level.

The damage for Jutsus is calculated as such:
Area hit + damage of jutsu x [Type ex: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu stat.]
Thinking of things like a jutsu where you materialize a kunai, it would count as a weapon if you hold it, but if you materialize it flying towards your opponent then it would be a jutsu. Kaguya bones are Taijutsu.

Genjutsu System:

Genjutsu is used like this. If you have 1.5 times more Genjutsu points then your opponent, you will be easily be able to capture them in your Genjutsu, and break free from theirs. If you have the same or .8 of there Genjutsu, you have a 50% of breaking free. Otherwise, you are trapped.


There are 2 phases, phase one is offense. Phase two is the defensive phase.
You do not get any of your Energy Points back at the start of your defensive phase.
You do get your Energy Points back at the start of your offensive phase.
During the Defensive Phase, you may still attack.



Throught the game you may buy items or make your own, these things you wear must go in one of these slots, you cannot wear two things in the same slot.
Head; Face; Neck; Shoulders; Chest-Under; Chest-Over; Back; Waist; Thighs; Calfs; Upper Arm; Forearm; Hands; Feet.
Weights take no space as you do not bring them into battle.

Status Effect:
Status Effect is what may happen to you to disable you, or make you better in the middle of a fight, mostly induced by poisons, weapons in proper locations, or well placed Jutsu. I may make up status effects on the spot, but will always explain what they do.

Good Status:
Cured: You are currently being cured and gain Health depending on Jutsu.
Adrenaline: Near Death situatiosn give Adrenaline which lets you move with twice the amount of EP with no Stamina Penelty. [Rare]
Enranged: 2 Times Taijutsu, need roleplayed to become enranged.
Overflow: Chakra goes down by 100 a turn, Ninjutsu and Genjutsu x2.5
Relaxed: Slow's heart rate, half's bleeding, gain chakra back slowly, very open to attacks however.

Bad Status:
Blind: Has a 20% Chance of hitting a still target. 60% Melee Moving, and 40% Ranged.
Burning: You are on fire and take the damage of minor bleeding damage on that limb.
Paralized: Cannot move
Sealed: Chakra cannot be used.
Blocked: Concentration is blocked and it takes twice as much Chakra to perfrom Jutsus.
Frozen: Body takes minor bleeding damage to that area and cannot move that limb.
Stunned Nerve: Takes twice as long to move.
Closed: Your Chakra has never been activated, and no Jutsus can be used.
Overflow: Chakra goes down by 100 a turn, Ninjutsu and Genjutsu x2.5

The more descriptive you are, the more dammege caused. So you don't have to put them, but if you do, then they will do MUCH more damage.
Examples include for every 50 words:
1 Stamina
1 EnergyPoint
x1 Damage
1 extra dismember or fracture roll
(These all stack, so 100 words could get you x2 damage)

50 words -- +1 movement
100 words -- +2 movement
150 words -- +2 movement
200 words -- +3 movement

As many bonus as I am putting for now, if you want the bonus though, you need to mark that you want it. So at the end of your post, say you have 112 words, you say.

Word count: 112 I want +2 movement.

If the post is under word count then you don't need to put the word count.

Of course this is completly opputionel and players do not have to use this, also you may specify, if you and your oppoenent agree to it, to not use this rule in that one fight.

In finishing, there are more things you can do with these bonuses, not only what is specified. You can also, for example, have a bonus to your stun chance, have an increas to accuracy, more time to analize your surroundings. As usual, if you have any ideas, please help me out.

Stamina is used because if you run out of stamina during a battle, your character faint's of fatigue. Your stamina is excactly what your stamina is on the character sheet, during a battle you have that amount, every time you use 5 EP you lose 1 stamina point.

You may unleash your stamina to move twice as fast and have twice the EP, but that means you use 1 Stamina for every 2 movements instead of 5. You need to activate this, and deactivate this.

You may also dive into your stamina to do actions your speed or EP don't permit. This takes 1 stamina for each additional EP, but doesn't need to be activated.


When you run out of chakra, which is needed for Jutsu, you can no longer use Jutsu. But, it is possible to dive into your health as another substitute for Chakra. But when doing so, you also use 1 stamina for every 100 health.

Life and Death:
When you die you have the oppertunity to choose on of the following: You completly recreate your character with a new name, a new perssonality and reset stats. Or you can have the exact same one you previously had. There are many things you can do after loseing your characters life, here are your options:
-Resetting your stats
-Changing your character info (name, perssonailty, body.)
-Configureing your stats (meaning you can take your strength and put it too ninjutsu.)
-Changeing your Village
-Ressetting your Rank (or lowereing it if your a Jounin or higher.)

If you are dead then you are a completley new person in your village, you are not reincarnated, you are dead, people can mourn over your loss, you can mourn over your own loss, but you caan't openly say "I am *Insert Name Here*" Unless your crazy. No one has any connectiosn with you, unless you and another player decide to be brothers or best friends. You can have the same personailty, but village experiences will have changed, being: you will have none unless in your history. The only thing your forced to do, is change your history, you can even keep your old name.
This is how you get your Health and Chakra and your character sheet...

What you have to do to get your character sheet is go onto your profile and on the far right end, there is somehting called Ninja Scroll, thats your character's sheet. Fill out all you can, I will fill out the rest.

I will now present to you your Health and Chakra formulas: You can look at these and discover what exactly you need to get more health or chakra.

((Stamina) + (Strength / 2)) X 50 = Health

EX: 1 + 0.5 = 1.5 X 50 = 75 [The starting health]

((Chakra) + (Ninjutsu / 2) + (Genjutsu / 2)) X 50 = Chakra

EX: 1 + 0.5 + 0.5 = 2 X 50 = 100 [starting Chakra]

Tah Dah! Thats it, don't understand? Post your question in the help section!

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Number of posts : 2933
Age : 26
Registration date : 2006-11-24

Ninja Scroll
Name: Suta
Village: Hidden Leaf
Level: 97

The How to Play Guide Empty
PostSubject: BloodLines   The How to Play Guide EmptySun Mar 11, 2007 7:14 pm


When you are level 20 then you can get your blood line today! Remember! Some bloodlines have special requierments. Such as Mayto that dosent need chakra, ninjutsu and genjutsu to be anything but 1.

All you must do is, go to your training topic and post this message.

Requesting bloodline *The bloodline*

Then post your stats and a admin or moderator will come to your post. After that you have to roleplay to get your bloodline. You must focus hard and post longer posts then your sensei or tutor. After the post reaches 25 posts, then you can get your bloodline. You don't have to put your bloodline on the character sheet, but you have to remember it and tell a moderator about it before a fight.

The list of Bloodlines are as follow:

-Uzumaki : x2 Chakra. Instantly learns Tree Climbing and Water Walking.

-Mayto : Earn 20 point on taijutsu when earn and -10 words for physical training. But can't use ninjutsu / Genjutsu.

-Uchia : Earn the Sharingan Level 1.

-Hyuuga : Earn the Byakugan.

-Akimichi : Earn 10 stamina training for free and can train Strength or Stamina for -10 words. But takes 20 more words to learn speed.

-Haruno : Earns Healing Jutsu and can get -10 words on all things that have to do with chakra.

-Kaguya : Alows the user to his his bones as lethal weapons. Leanrs 'Draw Blood'

-Hoshigake : You are fish like and blue, allows you to breath and make water wherever you are. Water jutsu do x2 more damage. Chakra x2

-Touji : Have mouths on your hands that can mold clay and turn them into bombs, also lets you control the clay using chakra. Learns 'Artist'

-Zassou : You are plant like and green, allows you the ability to go underground and travel to places quicker then normal humans. All earth jutsus do 40% more damage, including Genjutsu. Learns 'Earth Divider'.

-Nara : Earn Expert Strategist and -10 words to all stats training.

-Abourame : Destruction bugs fight for you. Learns 'Summon Kikai'.

-Inuzuka : Pets do more damage and are traind faster. Earn Dog Speak, Feral Blood and Inuzuka Fury.

-Jashin : Be almost unkillable, x3 Health, learns Shared Death, must taste opponents blood first.

-Aka Suna : Instantly learns Advanced Puppeteer, can do more dammege with puppets and can hold two extra puppets, (with advanced you can hold two)

Secret Bloodline:

These bloodlines can only be achieved by contracts with diffrent beings.

Plot: Rage of the Jinchuriki!
Steps to get: Get in a fight with Kyubi > Retreat or Win > Ask Sagon to help > Fight Kyubi again > Sagon will seal it within you.
Bonuses: x1.5 Health. x2 Chakra. 9 Transformations. need 40 stat avarage for first form=x3 Chakra,x1.5 Health (and so on), 80 for next, 120 for following and so on. May ask Kyubi within for up to x20 chakra. Surpass demand for x10 chakra and loose mind.

Plot: Finaly, the end...
Steps to get: Be part of group who finishes previous Plot mission > Fight Shukaku > Win or Retreat > One person of team must die > Fight for 10 more rounds > Nogas will seal it within you.
Bonuses: x2 Chakra. 2 Transformations. Need 40 stat average for first form=x3 Chakra, Regen Quarter Health, 100. stat average for 2 form=x5 Chakra, x2 Health, Regen quarter health. Auto block sand at 40 meters per second. Must create ultimate defense for transformation.

Plot: None
Steps to get: None
Bonuses: x2 Chakra. 3 Transformations. Need 40 Stat average for first form, 80 Stat average for second form, and 120 Stat average for third form. Steam Element x3 Damage. (Water primary, Fire secondary.)

Him who Believes
Plot: Finale Vengance.
Steps to get: Defeats Kyubi bearer > Defeats Shukaku bearer > betray friends and joins Demons.
Bonuses: x3 Health, x3 Chakra, x2 Every stat. Learns two jutsus: Mask of the Kyubi, and Mask of the Shukaku. May ask demon beasts for up to x20 Chakra. Must be evil and stay evil.

Any more Bloodlines? Come and tell me!!! Please!!! Will add more later.

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List of Abilitys

The ones stated with a / mean that you need a certain bloodline.

Most of these effects are changed depending on Rolepaly value, EX: Inuzuka fury can be from 20% to 40% depending on roleplaying youre sudden fury. But dog speak cannot change.
For abilities like Back Step which increase phisical damage by 5%, you must specify in your attack that you want that bonus of 5%

-Dog Speak : Allows you to speak to dogs.
-Bone Specialist : A specialist of bones, know all about there weak and strong spots. Knowledge ability.
-Herbologist : Knowledge of herbs, can make medicine and food in outskirts.
-Beginner Puppeteer : Can use one puppet at 20 Chakra per turn.
-Tree Climbing : Learns the art of running on walls or ceilings using chakra.
-Water Walking : Learns the art of walking/running on water using chakra.
-Step, Fist : The fighting art of taking a step before every punch, this way your opponent has no idea where the punches are coming from. +15% nerve hit chance
-Back Step : You have strong legs, and arms. Alows hand springs and back flips to be performed, also +5% phisical damage.

-Inuzuka Fury : When you are badly injured you take a savege fighting style that can tear your opponents apart. +20% phisical damage. / Inuzuka
-Feral Blood : More of an animal inside, better sense of smell, hearing and Taste. / Inuzuka
-Strategist : able to analize most situations, say in post you use it to activate. See things others may not.
-Body Specialist : Experts on the skin and muscles of a human. +20% nerve dammage. +10% nerve hit rate.
-Vigor : Able to withstand many attacks. Prevents stat halfing attacks.
-Advanced Puppeteer : Can use up to two puppets at a time. at 40 chakra each turn for each.
-Strong Fist : A powerful Fighting style, deplyed mostly by Mayto +30% phisical damage / Mayto has a dammege bonus or +50%, not needed to be Mayto however.
-Eye of the Hawk : Has a higher chance of hitting targets at a distance.
-Accrobatiques : You know how to swing around tree's, fling youself into the air, and flip in the air, 20% more phisical damage.
-Samurai : Through hard work you can use weapons such as swords with only 1 EP instead of 2.
-Tough Body : Lowers the effect of physical stuns that last for 3 turns or more by 2 turns.
-Kevlar Skin: Cuts the damage from small thrown weapons (without chakra modifications) by half.
-Field Medic: Pinch shut a wound to half the bleeding (over top of covering it) on yourself or someone else.

-Stance of the Mantis : A fighting stance that deplys quick jabs and side-stepping. Half EP for punches.
-Expert Strategist : Able to analize any situation. / Nara
-Homology Specialist : Masters on all parts of the human body, down to your last toe bone. +100% nerve dammage, +50% nerve hit rate.
-Apothecarist : Masters of Herbs, and can create potions.
-Master Puppeteer : Can use up to three puppets at a time at 60 chakra each, each turn. Can add extra puppets for 120 chakra per turn penalty, total maximum (With Penaltis) 8.
-Juuken : The art of striking with thin chakra points, used to move or remove chakra around the body. Disable chakra use to limbs, unabling certain jutsus. / Hyuuga
-Sense of Bones : A kaguya knows how to take out there bones unpainfuly, with no dammage penalty in any way. / Kaguya.
-Dead Accuracy : Your thrown weapons rarly miss.
-Sword Specialist : Adds 30% more damage to blade weapons.
-Drone: Kicks cost 1 EP instead of 1.5 EP / Nara.
-Calmed Chakra : Can control chakra well, uses 1/4 less chakra to use jutsus.

-Undyeing Vigor : Able to Withstand any attacks! No flinching. / Uzumaki or Akamichi
-One with the Puppets : Takes no penaltis when adding extra puppets. Increases limit to 16 all puppets cost 100 chakra a turn. / Aka Suna
-Body Juuken : Deploys intimate knowledge of the weak points, and can move strongly to strike them. +100% nerve hit rate.
-Poisoned Chakra : One can actualy poison there chakra, then dispense it into things such as potions, puppets or other poeple 20 chakra for 10 dammage.
-Dance of the swirling mist : A fighting technique that looks like the user is dancing, an amazing form of dodging. 50% evasion to all attacks.
-Flowing Chakra : Your chakra flows through you the way blood pumps through your veins, take little chakra to use jutsus. 1/2 chakra cost
-Gold Kunai : May throw as many projectiles as they please, but with normal accuracy.

-Shadow of the Night : Master ninjas, may disapear when they wish and make not a single sound when they walk or run. The Ones who you would never know where they are, they may be as alusive as an ant during the night.
-Immortal Blood : To put it simply, can not be killed. / Jashin
-Silver Kunai : Thrown projectiles allways hit in normal conditions.
-Leave no Stain : Sick of bleeding, loss of blood allways getting you down, [and dead]. Stop that now with this Ability. "Leave no Stain" lets you control your blood circulation to stop all bleeding within your body, never suffer from a mortal blood wound again!

[Ideas? Send them to me by PM or write them down on the suggestion board!]

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Movement and Traveling

Everyone knows that you can't just fluctuate randomly from one town to the next. You have to travel, when you travel you can't be in any topics, you can't be in any missions, and you can't be training. So lets remember that you won't be able to train or be in any type of post for one day, and for as long as you are not in your specified town. Also lets dignify the fact that, in races, there needs to be a movement speed.

The things in small are not needed to be read, because they are obsolete.

It is classifyd as how much stamina you have, plus your speed. Add those with multiplications and you have your running distance. Alas, we all remember that:

-Running takes normal energy, for normal speed.
-Sprinting takes three times the energy, for twice the speed.
-Walking takes one half the energy, for one half the speed.
-Swimming takes normal the energy, for one half the speed.
-Quick Swimming takes twice the energy, for normal speed.
-Chakra Burst takes takes tree times the energy and normal chakra for three times the speed. Requires ability "Calmed Chakra".

Theres also the choice of resting to recuperate energy. Now, recuperating energy works diffrently. Lets say you have 1200 energy points. (Low stamina and low speed.) You use 20% of it, that equals 960. Now you want to regenerate it, what you do then is add on the percent. Lets use sleeping as the example, since you have 960 energy points remaining, you add 40% on to it. You will then have 1344. Since your maximum is 1200, it will be restored completly. Understand? Ask me by PM or one of your fellow players on the help board.

-Resting restors 20% of your remaining Health, and adds 1 Stamina back to your deposite.
-Sleeping restors 40% of your remaining Health, and adds 2 Stamina back to your deposite.
-Slow walking restors 10% of your remaining Health, and adds 1 Stamina to your deposite. It also makes you moves at one third the speed.
-Meditating is mostly for Chakra, it restores 20% of your remaining Health, and restores 30% of remaining Chakra.
-Deep Tought is the most dangerous type of rest, leaving you open for twice the normal amount of damage, and requires you 2 turns to stop. It restores 10% of your remaining Health, and 80% of your remaining Chakra.

Travelling between cities, as mentioned above, you cannot be in any missions or events. To travel you must post in the outskirts a traveling post. There is a 80% chance that you will encounter one random event, be it a fight or an item on the ground, then there is a 50% chance of a random event, and finally a 30% chance of a random event. Then you will be in the city of choice, to return to your own city it will be the same thing.

Stamina is depleated as such: Every time you use 5 EP points you use 1 Stamina point, more detailed explanation above.

How one regains health is needed to know to get health and chakra back, especialy if you plan to go on a mission. Also if you are damaged but are no longer in a mission or fight. Post in the blood room, located in Board of all things Ninja, post there that you want your health restored, but you can't be in a mission of fight.

The How to Play Guide Suta2tg1

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Here you will find all of the jutsus present in this game currently. You can create new Jutsus by using this template and sending me a PM:

Name of Jutsu:
Amount of Chakra per Burst:
Damage per Burst:
Additional Effects:
Jutsu Type: genjutsu, ninjutsu, taijutsu, Blood, Chakra

Now a "Burst" is when you put more chakra into an attack, If you have an attack, lets take Chidory, for example. It takes 500 Chakra for 300 Damage. That seems large for a begginer, but when you take into consideration the fact that it is a chidory, it seems pretty small. Lets try, instead of putting 500 chakra, the minimum, putting 2000 Chakra, quadruple the normal cost. This would also quadruple the damage, if it's 300 Damage x 4, that would equal: 1200 Damage, now thats a Chidory! Offensive Jutsus that do Damage have a Burst limitation of 5, while Jutsus like Clone, Transformation, or Shadow Copy Technique have unlimited Bursts, because they are time or amount based.

Jutsu Type:
Along with Bursts you will find Jutsu type. Jutsu type determines what stat affects the jutsu, as long as some more details about the jutsu. Ninjutsu means the ninjutsu stat will affect it, ninjutsu jutsus are usually offensive, or they modify the fabric of reality, breathing fire or a katana made of ice is created. Genjutsu is modified by the genjutsu stat, and will allways involve controlling the brain, be it illusions or stopping a person by affecting their brain. Taijutsu is affected by the taijutsu stat, they allways involve actual physical damage caused by the user, such as a kick or a punch, or a weapon. Blood Jutsu require a specific bloodline or character to use, so you only earn them through roleplay, and not training. Chakra based jutsu are jutsu who are not affected by any stat, such as healing. Jutsu can be two types, such as Blood and Ninjutsu, Ninjutsu and Taijutsu, and the likes. The stat multiplies the jutsus damage, 20 ninjutsu will multiply a ninjutsu attack by 2.

Elemental Recomposition:
Once you have attained your chakra type [getting to level 20 and deciding which one you want] you automatically learn the Elemantal Recomposition Level 1. Elemental Recomposition has 10 levels, each more powerful then the last.
You can amplify almost any jutsu with whatever element you use. (Air Slash + Fire Element = Good) You will receive the normal bonus, so if elemental recomposition is level 1, your get a 1.5x bonus for using 200 extra chakra. If you where to use Grand Fire Ball jutsu with level 1 Fire element, instead of doing 1.5x for damage, your would do 3x more damage. So twice as much. But you need to amplify it with your elemental chakra, if you just use it normaly, it gets used without any bonuses. You can not use GrandFireBall jutsu amplified with Water Element, because Fire is Weak to Water. (Some can be mixed however to combine to a new element) Elemental Recomposition has NO Bursts.

Fire + Water = Steam
Fire + Earth = Lava
Fire + Wind = Smoke
Earth + Lightning = Glass
Earth + Water = Plants/Trees
Water + Lightning = Cloud
Water + Wind = Ice

FIRE is weak to WATER is weak to EARTH is weak to LIGHTNING is weak to WIND is weak to FIRE

You level up your elemental Recomposition skill the same way you train a jutsu. [1-3=D / cost 200 Chakra 4-5=C / cost 400 Chakra 6-7=B / cost 800 Chakra 8-9=A / cost 1600 Chakra 10=S / cost 2000 Chakra]

Level 1: x1.5 Elemental Damage (100 Damage)
[Cutting a leaf in Half]Wind
Level 2: x1.7 (150 Damage)
[Lighting a Candle with your fingertips]Fire
Level 3: x1.9 (200 Damage)
[Slicing an axe through a tree in half the time]Wind
Level 4: x2.2 (300 Damage)
[Calming down the Water being stood on]Water
Level 5: x2.5 (450 Damage)
[Lighting a torch by pointing at it]Fire
Level 6: x2.8 (650 Damage)
[Cutting a Waterfall with Chakra]Wind
Level 7: x3 (900 Damage)
[Cutting a rock in half]Earth
Level 8: x4 (1200 Damage)
[Forming lightning in hands with no handsignals]Lightning
Level 9: x5 (1500 Damage)
[Create Giant Pillar of Earth]Earth
Level 10: x6 (2000 Damage)
[Slice a Sword in Half by Looking at it]Wind
E Ranked Jutsus:

The How to Play Guide Clone
Clone Jutsu
50 Chakra points per Clone
1 Clone per burst
10 Chakra a turn for each

The How to Play Guide Transformation
100 Chakra points
Transform into any person
May transform into object for 200 chakra points

The How to Play Guide Substitution
150 Chakra points
Substitute with an target about your size
May place exploding notes on backs of targeted item for substitution
Requires Clone or Effigy of suitable mass [such as a log you picked up the previous phase in preperation.

The How to Play Guide Draw_Blood
Draw Blood
Allows the Kaguya to take out a bone from his body. (Special Jutsu)
Chakra cost calculated: Amount of Bones x Strength of Bones x size of Bones
3 Sizes, Small (finger sized), Medium (sword sized), Large (person sized)
Strength: for every 50 chakra put in damage increases 20
Size multiplies damage (small 1x, medium 2x, large 3x)
Takes 1EP to use jutsu (up to 10 Bones a turn, no additional EP cost.)
Blood, Chakra, (forms taijutsu weapon)

The How to Play Guide Sharingan
Sharingan Level 1
50 Chakra for activation
Increases dodge by 10% Increases accuracy 10%
50 Chakra per turn
Blood, Chakra Jutsu

Sharingan Level 2
100 Chakra for activation
Increases dodge by 20% Increases accuracy 20%
100 Chakra per turn
Can use Eye Genjutsu
Blood, Chakra Jutsu

Sharingan Level 3
200 Chakra for activation
Increases dodge by 40% Increases accuracy 40%
200 Chakra per turn
Can use Finger Genjutsu
Blood, Chakra Jutsu

Mangekyo Eye
500 Chakra for activation
Increases dodge by 50% Increases accuracy 50%
May use Brother Jutsu 'Tsukuyomi' and 'Amaterasu'
200 Chakra per turn
Blood, Chakra Jutsu

The How to Play Guide Byakugan
100 Chakra for activation
50 Chakra per turn
Sees 360 degree angle around head [one blind spot]
May use Brother Jutsu 'Eagle's Eye'
Blood, Chakra Jutsu

The How to Play Guide Artist
100 Chakra per burst
1 clay bomb per burst for 200 Damage
May use 500 chakra to make clay bomb giant for 500 Damage
Blood, Ninjutsu

The How to Play Guide Earth_Divider
Earth Divider
100 Chakra for activation
Travels through ground at 400% running speed
100 Chakra per turn
Removes Traveling Wait
Blood, Chakra Jutsu

The How to Play Guide Summon_Kikai
Summon Kikai
10 Chakra per insect
5 Damage per insect
May create objects to be used for different things, more kikai, bigger objects.
Blood, Ninjutsu

The How to Play Guide SummoningJutsu
Summoning Jutsus
how much chakra needed per burst
how many turns per burst
Is it a specific thing/person, is it a weapon, is it a general monster type like bandit?
Chakra Jutsu (has to be gained in RP)

D Ranked Jutsus:

The How to Play Guide Shadow_Immitation
Shadow copy technique
300 chakra per captive
paralizes oppenent as long as concentrated
150 chakra per turn

The How to Play Guide Hell_Jutsu
Hell Viewing Jutsu
100 chakra per captive
causes illusion
100 chakra per turn

The How to Play Guide Man_Beast_Clone
Man-Beast Clone
200 Chakra
X2 Punching damage
100 Chakra per turn
After 5 turns, causes 100 damage to self

The How to Play Guide Hidden_Mist
Hidden Mist Jutsu
100 Chakra per burst
Conceals arena in mist for 2 turns
Adds 1 turn for every burst

The How to Play Guide Training
No-Named Training Jutsu
Lets user get 3 extra Training Points for that day but loses 75% of all stats for 1 day, and -500 Health

The How to Play Guide Bandaging
Bandaging Jutsu
50 Chakra per burst
+10 Health per burst
Stops moderate bleeding
Chakra Jutsu

The How to Play Guide Water_Clone
Water Clone
200 Chakra per Burst
1 Clone per Burst
100 Chakra per Clone per Turn
Clones have 30% all Stats
Clones may use Jutsus if User has them

The How to Play Guide Soufuusha3
Sharingan Windmill Triple Blade
150 Chakra per Burst
1 Turn Stun per Burst (if trying to escape)
Ties Oppenent to Object within Sight

The How to Play Guide F_slicingsounm_57e318d
Slicing Soundwave
110 Chakra per Burst
50 Damage per Burst
75% chance of blowing enemy several feet away, cannot miss very easily.

The How to Play Guide F_vibratingsom_3a898d3
Vibrating Sound Drill
185 Chakra per Burst
95 Damage per Burst
5% chance of knocking the enemy out, 50% chance of missing.

The How to Play Guide SacrificalBombJutsu
Sacrificial Bomb
All your Health for 1 Burst
All your Health per 1 Burst
You will die after using this jutsu

C Ranked Jutsus:

The How to Play Guide Fireball
Grand fire ball jutsu
100 Chakra per burst
50 Damage per burst
75% Chance to cause fire

The How to Play Guide Air_Slash
Air Slash
250 Chakra per burst
100 Damage per burst
40% Chance of bleeding severly
5% Chance of removing limb

The How to Play Guide Flicker
Body Flicker Technique
400 Chakra
Transport within vision range
300 Chakra per extra person

The How to Play Guide Water_Prison
Water Prison Jutsu
300 Chakra
Captures 1 enemy
175 Chakra per turn
10% Chance increment of drowning.

The How to Play Guide Heal
Healing Jutsu
250 Chakra per burst
+100 Health per turn
Chakra Jutsu

The How to Play Guide Water_Tube
Water Tube
100 Chakra to activate
5% Increments of drowning opponent
50 Chakra to Maintain
Must keep absolute control, the slightest prick will dispel jutsu

The How to Play Guide Iron-Body
Iron Body
150 Chakra for Activation
Invincible to all Attacks for 1 Round
Requires no Chakra if User activated Ultra-Mighty
Must wait 3 Turns before second use

The How to Play Guide Phenix_Flower
Phoenix Flower Jutsu, The touch-me-not Jutsu
150 Chakra per Burst
1 Fireball per Burst
50 Damage Per Fireball
May add Small Projectiles into Fireballs
50% Chance to cause fire, calculated for each Fireball

The How to Play Guide Wood_Barrier
Wood Barrier Technique
350 Chakra per Burst
Creates a wall of 5 Meters.
Wall lasts for 3 Rounds per Burst

The How to Play Guide F_soundmanipum_3559743
Sound Manipulation
650 Chakra per Burst
20 Damage per Burst
Stuns enemy for 5 Rounds

The How to Play Guide F_MindTransfem_ac7f8e7
Mind Transfer Jutsu
250 Chakra per Burst
Posseses Opponent, 150 Chakra per Turn
User and Target share damage

The How to Play Guide Kakashiblink
500 Chakra per Burst (divided by Ninjutsu)
Does not require handseals
User blinks from existance and reappears within a close distance, use more bursts to evade more attacks or increase distance

The How to Play Guide BearFist
Bear Fist
250 Chakra per Burst
200 Damage per Burst
May stun the enemy

B Ranked Jutsus:

The How to Play Guide PUnctured_Heart
Punch of the Punctured Heart
1500 Chakra per burst
200 Damage per burst
Causes 1000 damage to armor, 25% chance of instant death

The How to Play Guide Eagles_Eye
Eagle's Eye
500 Chakra for activation
Scans entire area exceeding range of byakugan.
Blood Jutsu

The How to Play Guide 1000_Needles
Stab of 1000 Needles
600 Chakra per burst
400 Damage per burst
100% Chance of pierce and bleed.

The How to Play Guide Shared_Death
Shared Death
1000 Chakra for activation
Share damage and wounds
User must stay within small circle
User must have taste of victim's blood
Blood Jutsu

The How to Play Guide Kage_Bushin
Kage bushin no jutsu
500 Chakra per Burst
Creates 1 Clone Burst

The How to Play Guide F_sonicboomm_6ada4df
420 Chakra per burst
200 Damage per burst
100% chance of blowing enemy a large distance away, rarely misses, the attack covers a wide area of the field.

The How to Play Guide Bolt
Lightning Storm
550 Chakra per Burst
300 Damage per Burst
Makes the surrounding area electrified

The How to Play Guide ChakraShield
Chakra Shield
500 Chakra per Burst
1 Turn per Burst
When Health is lowered Chakra is instead affected

A Ranked Jutsus:

The How to Play Guide Chidory
500 Chakra per burst
300 Damage per burst
Peircing damage 1000

The How to Play Guide Kyuubi
Mask of the Kyubi
2000 Chakra per burst
2000 Damage per burst
100% Chance of Inflammation

The How to Play Guide Shukaku
Mask of the Shukaku
5000 Chakra per burst
2000 Damage per burst
Ultimate Defense, Peirce Damage of 1000

The How to Play Guide Mend
Mend Jutsu
1000 Chakra per burst
+750 Health per burst
Heals all bleeding wounds
Chakra Jutsu

The How to Play Guide Tsukuyomi
1000 Chakra for activation
Causes pain for, human time, 24 Hours [you select method, can't actualy kill opponent with jutsu]

The How to Play Guide Amaterasu
1000 Chakra per Burst
1000 Damage per Burst
500 Chakra to maintain
Only does 500 Damage after Burst Attack

The How to Play Guide Evil_Hands
Evil Hands
800 Chakra per burst
200 Damage per burst
Creates four hands that try to rip opponents limbs off
2% Instant Death Increments a turn
5% Increments of Limb removing increments a turn. [rolled 4 times]
200 Chakra to maintain
50 Damage per turn
Costs 3 EP

The How to Play Guide Ultra-Mighty
Ultra Mighty Jutsu
300 Chakra per Burst
X1.5 Strength for every Burst
No Chakra to Maintain

The How to Play Guide CurseSealofPoisonment
A Ranked Jutsu: Curse Seal Of Poisonment
-There are 2 levels to this Curse Seal:
-Level 1, user's body becomes greenish, every hit does 1.5x extra and eyes turn purple, (-50 Health -50 Chakra per turn of use of this level)
-Level 2 User become covered in a thick coat of poison, at this stage, they can make poison come out of their body (Kinda like my Chakra, but liquid) that can be thrown, and melt anything that they hit. They also gain 2x damage for meele strikes (Kicks and Punches) and 1.5x damage from weaponry. (-100 Health, -70 Chakra per turn of using this level) Takeing 25 small, 100 medium, 200 large.
-Only the real owner of this Curse Seal (Satune Tarn) can give it to another person, for that he requires to be in Level two, and put a poisoned Chakra spike in the enemy's Juggler vein
Blood Jutsu

The How to Play Guide Rasengan
Spiral Sphere
1000 Chakra per Burst
750 Damage per Burst
Target Opponent Is pushed back 20 Feet

The How to Play Guide F_primarylotum_5d7ab8c
Primary Lotus
2000 Chakra per Burst
2000 Damage per Burst
15% Chance of Missing, User takes 75% Damage to Current Health, User takes 50 Damage per Turn

The How to Play Guide Sharingan_wheel_by_neronin1-1
Negitive Sharingan
600 Chakra for activation
Increases dodge by 60% Increases accuracy 60%
May use jutsu 'Lightning Storm' Requires 'Sharingan level 3'
300 Chakra per turn
Blood Jutsu

S Ranked Jutsus:

The How to Play Guide Heavenly_Decent
Heavenly Decent
5000 Chakra for Activation
Causes Severe Bleeding Everywhere [2750]
Mortal Bleeding Effect
Chakra Jutsu

The How to Play Guide GodChidori
Ultra Chidori
3000 Chakra per Burst
2000 Damage per Burst
Can be thrown for half damage if direct attack misses

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PostSubject: Re: The How to Play Guide   The How to Play Guide EmptyThu Aug 09, 2007 9:20 pm


The plot is the story that we are following, if you guys start to think its a bad idea, tell me.

Story One: The Chuunin Exams.

Story Two: Fate of the Ninjas.

Story Three: Respect your Younglings.

Story Four: Rage of the Biju!

Story Five: Showdown of Demons!

Story Six: Finaly, the End...

Story Seven: Begin the Hunt.

Story Eight: Final Vengance.

More to come!

The story:

The Chuunin Exams[Tyd9, Satune and Sankay]
The Chuunin exams went underway as the proud ninja took on exams. Many passed the first test, they had to walk into a house filled with traps and retrieve some ink. With the ink collected, they needed to escape afterwards. A casulty came onto Leaf's side as someone rigged theire house with leathal weapons. The second test arrived as the fighting had already begun. THey had to fight theire opponent and retrieve a stamp from the center of the arena and escape, before there opponent did. Tyd9 and Satune won with flying colors as the wild beast Akarmaru was defeated by the mastermind Tyd9 in a clever trick that involved using his entire set of bones to distract the monster attacking him and run. Satune overcame the Phenix of Mist as he evaded the ninjas strong fire techniques, and even came to win through the Haku's best efforts, the Haku even used his best technique, Dance of the Swirling Mist. Sankay's opponent ran before it was too late, luckily.

The final part of the exam began with the dispute between the Kages commencing. The three, and only, remaining contestants: Satune, Tyd9, and Sankay, bwgan theire rush with determination/ Tyd9 and Satune, leaving Sankay far behind, decided it was time to settle there rivalry. Sankay used this advantage to get passed them and used her superior skills of swimming to go against the 500 feet river and come onto the land, the battle raged on as Satune miraculously regained his sword, he had previously dropped it a while back as it would have slowed him down. With Tyd cleverly displaying a fantastic hidding ability, with a mixture of cloning and transformation. Satune remaind allways ready, as Sankay ran forward and up the staircase. She smiled as she stamped her paper with the stamp covered with the ink. With her certificate, she was a chuunin. But the tower she stood in collapsed, and a fall of 1000 feet may possibly begin. And that is the end of the Chuunin Exams, and incase you didn't know, Sankay has been pronounced Chuunin.

Fate of the Ninjas[Suta, Tyd9, Satune and Sankay]
Satune's sensei stood before the Satune, Satune being unable to move anywhere withought entering in a battle with his sensei, attacks fiercely. Utilizing his bloodline in cunjucntion with powerful Taijutsu to deploy immense damage, has the student surpassed the sensei? And a mysterious opponent comes to fight Sankay and Suta as they reach the bottom. She launches senbon into Suta's eyes, blinding him, the battle ends in a flair because of Suta's punch of the punctured heart, when enough blood has been removed so he can see he discovers the identity of his slain, Karei, his love. The mangekyo fills his eyes. Satune's sensei proved no match for Satune's ever growing onslaught of power, slicing off his sensei's leg, he ended the battle in a victorious pool of blood. Makeing his way to where the Kages where battleing, he finds the Kazekage and the Hokage over the corpse of his beloved Mizukage, incenerated and stabbed, the marking of blood on a rock next to him. "All for one and one for all and heaven bless the land." The two Kages left alive put themselves into exile. The Raikage snickering in the background, him having the only village with a Kage left.

Story Three: Respect your Younglings[Tyd, Satune, Sankay, Muji and Nai]
One master trap maker enters a building with a sort of mafia boss in the room, he saves his brother from his evil clutches, and their story is for later times. But now, Five ninja find themselvses called upon to fight a mysterious threat, when they arrive they find two ninjas killing with delight, on with a long pole-arm, the other with a bloodied sword. They joked and laughed and the one named Boke with the staff claped to the one named Kami's sensless mudrers. With shinning glee Kami prepars to faceoff against Tyd, Satune, Sankay, Muji and Nai. Only to find that Kami's sick speed that aids him in the escape against whoever he wants, isn't enough to outrun Tyd and Satune. The five ninjas began to win, at the cost of Muji's life. He had died from Kami flying, head first, into his thigh with a kunai in his mouth. Tyd and Satune attacked, he held them both inplace, but a clever twist from Tyd broke his arm, Satune poisoned him, and He was rendered immobile from Nai's shadow. Kami neglects Boke's assistance, with worry he set himself down. The battle did not last, as it was ended in a bloody mess. Boke grew furious for his own and only friends death. He prepared his polearm and realed a barrage of Kunai, each of which blew up harmlessly away from the group, a battle begun, Boke's fighting fueled by intensity and raged, his strength superior to Kami's, but when two Old men shwo up, Boke changes to attack them because they threw a bottle at him. But something stopped him in his tracks and cut him, then the ninjas took no time to hesitate. And in moments the ninja known as Boke was a pile of blood and a severed head. The old men dissapear, and everyone goes their own way quietly, not sure what they had accomplished.

Story Three point Five: The third chunin exams![Zach,Shiken,Miruichi,Tyd,Sankay,Nai,Cecillia,Kimmimaro]
Before the chunin exams, while waiting for them to begin, everyone is quite, except for a certain loud obnoxious ninja known as Kimmimaro, angering to the point of blind rage a ninja with his eyes covered in bandages. The chunin exams finaly begin in a massive arena. With the promise of wealth to the winners village, ninjas are eager for victory. Zach, Cecilia, Miruichi, Kimmimaro and Shiken divide into teams of 3, each the leader of their own group. Kimmimaro and another team fight, but their fight is stalled for personal reasons. The next fight is between Zach's team, including the ninja with the bandaged eyes known as Band, and another team. Zach injures the opponent's team leader quickly with his puppet, Killer, who is later confiscated. Before the next fight can begin, Band receives a radio transmision from someone. The Hokage has already sat down his her chair, and the Kazekage enteres and sits down in his assigned chair. Band looks to Zach, and they both run up stairs. Dissapearing from everyone else, the third team member on their group going with them. The chunin exams are postponed until tomorow by the chief of the chunin exams. Shiken gets curious, and runs up the stairs behind them. Miruichi follows Shiken as well. The third team meber stais behind to confront Shiken, who Shiken makes quick work of, Miruichi meets up with Shiken then, and the two run up together to investigate. When they spot Zach and Band, there are two taller men who appear to be demons standing in front of them. Zach stuns Shiken, so Miruichi has to defend himself and Shiken bravely, excurting himself, to protect from the dangerous attacks from Band. Once Shiken escapes from the stun, Shiken attacks Band fiercly, but it's neither of them who kill him. Band crumples to the ground on his own, his body decomposing already. The demons and Zach spot where the Kazekage and Hokage are running off to, after being warned in advance thanks to a tip from an old man, a Clay ninja guards the door the Kazekage ran through. In the end, Nai and Tyd fend off Ichi, and Sankay fends off Nii.

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